October 2, 2019

Gandhi's 150th Birthday

Seeking Top Artist & Producer & Venue for:

Inaugural "Gandhi Fest" event in ATLANTA: City of Peace.


OCTOBER 2 is Gandhi's Birthday!

It is already celebrated by many MANY MILLIONS WORLDWIDE.

see this United Nations link )

Since Dr. King is widely seen as Gandhi's most globally admired, accomplished & referenced protégé, and BOTH have inspired social-activists worldwide, then ATLANTA: City of Peace can 'gift' this annual "Gandhi Fest" to our Global Family. 'Peace Begins Within!' Please refer a dynamic Musician, Producer and Venue for this historic inaugural celebration that can essentially unite the Environmental & Peace Movements! [ ​Send Proposals; Contact Us ]



October 2 is a VERY GREAT DATE! WE HAVE A DREAM to help many to celebrate Mahatma (Great Soul) Gandhi's Sesquicentennial (150th) Birthday in ATLANTA: City of Peace. Help us locate a Top Musician & Producer & Venue for this Inaugural "Gandhi Fest!" Even Dr. King, the world's most referenced Nobel Peace Prize Laureate, still teaches & advises us in his proclamation. MLK: "Gandhi...lived, thought and  acted, inspired by the vision of humanity evolving toward a world of peace & harmony. WE MAY IGNORE GANDHI AT OUR OWN RISK."

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